Guardian Literary Review:

‘Newly-weds everywhere will have fun with this activity book combining the best of The Kama Sutra and The Joy of Sex. Friends can even set challenges for the couple.’


‘Many honeymoon albums or wedding albums are frilly, conservative, and mainstream. Nothing wrong with that—but for playful degenerates or kink-friendly couples, the “white wedding” album isn’t exactly a fit. The Other Honeymoon Album offers nine activities for couples who don’t mind pushing the envelope in the bedroom.’

Blue Ink:

‘this book makes a game out of exploring each other’s bodies. Sections include dressing up in costumes, positions, sensual massage, and introduction to BDSM, among others.’

‘Innovative suggestions as to what might be used as sex toys so that the newlyweds don’t have to “explain pink fluffy handcuffs to airport security” are a fun bonus.’


‘There are definitely some good ideas in this book, and the author’s humor is infectious throughout.’