Biography of the author Kasia Karpinska-Sikorska

Kasia Karpinska-Sikorska was born in Lodz, Poland on 27th April 1980. Kasia graduated from the prestigious High School of Art in 2001 and went on to become a Master of Art History at the University of Lodz.

When married, Kasia and her photographer husband set-up Funnygames Redesign. Their studio produced a diverse range of exhibitions using a variety of eclectic media. As their brand became synonymous with ground breaking avante-garde work they moved to London to start a family and progress their work.

In the last couple of years, as her children grow-up, Kasia has been looking for a vehicle for her creativity. The (other) Honeymoon Album represents the outcome of two year’s work pulling ideas and experiences together in what she now hopes is a successful format.

The book is a response to how so many friends have viewed their honeymoon as “just another holiday.”

Kasia is happily married and has two boys aged 7 and 11.

Art remains her first love and the artwork in the book is her own work and, like the book, blends humour and eroticism to provide an interesting read and even more interesting honeymoon!

Kasia’s own reading habits covers philosophy, ancient, modern and post-modern art.


For my family who have kept faith and continue to support my passions.

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"We decided to try something new each night/day. The book was full of the weird and wonderful so there was no shortage of ideas. The whole focus of the honeymoon shifted from a nice holiday to an exploration of each other!"

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