"We passed the book around on the Hen night and had a laugh finding outrageous things for Samantha & Chris to do on their honeymoon!"
Chief Bridesmaid
"We've been living together for 5 years and decided we needed to spice things up a bit...Went to Majorca for a week and played the dares game and rediscovered our sex life!"
Dan & Linda
"Writing the best man's speech was made so much easier by reading some of the things the couple were being challenged to do!"
Best Man
"We decided to try something new each night/day. The book was full of the weird and wonderful so there was no shortage of ideas. The whole focus of the honeymoon shifted from a nice holiday to an exploration of each other!"
Danielle & Jordan
"As a best Man the only thing better than embarrassing the happy couple about their sexual exploits is telling their family and friends exactly what they will be doing on their honeymoon...Great laugh, at their expense!"
Best Man
"We were given the book to take on honeymoon and left it in the suitcase until one rainy day and too much to drink made us open to a random page and then couldn't put it down."
Stefan & Andrea
"I got a copy for the Hen party, which everyone enjoyed filling out naughty things for the couple to do on honeymoon but I actually bought a second copy for my husband and I. Now we role play every weekend, it's great fun!"
Bianca & Daryl